Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Way (waaay... waaaaaaaay) back I got myself tagged by Claerwen

The gist of it was to talk about five of my addictions. I just knew I would get to it. Eventually.

Addiction one. Coffee.

The only thing I am truly addicted to is coffee. I drink lattes. Usually two a day. I rarely go a day without coffee. Every now and then I have a decaf if I've reached my quota.

Coffee is wonderful. It's comforting, It's ritualistic. It's social. I worship thee Coffee Gods!

Addiction two. Lee Jeans.

I'm a pear-shaped girl, a girl with booty and these jeans just fit. At the moment I have a pair of indigo denim boot-cuts, a pair of black skinnies and a pair of faded blue skinnies. I do wear other jeans but they just don't cut it in the way that my Lees do.

Addiction three. British Vogue.

I've read it religiously since 1993. I now get it via airmail and when each new one comes I take time to savour it. After that I cut it to bits and file items of interest away to scrapbook or inspire me later. I have a Diploma in Clothing Production and always kicked ass at pattern making. I love to look at amazing garments and deconstruct them into their parts. It's like a gigantic 3D puzzle for me!

Addiction four. Simplification.

I am addicted to the Idea of 'Simplification'. Putting it into practice is another thing all together. My love of second-hand crap creates a war-like situation of dire proportions. Clutter is the only winner here.

Addiction five. Going on-line. 

Blogging. email. Facebook. Google. I am ashamed of myself. Enough said.